This topic provides information on how to maintain BlueWorx users.

The BlueWorx user record is only used to control and filter what data the user receives. SAP transactional rights and processing is still subject to SAP security. The allocation of such permissions is a SAP Security role and this needs to be done as appropriate for the users and their job functions. Therefore all BlueWorx users must have a SAP user account and associated SAP User roles and Authorisations for all functions that they use from within BlueWorx and any SAP GUI/ Business Client functions they use. In this way BlueWorx user profiles can be managed by plant maintenance specific administrators, as operational needs dictate, and not 'cross over' into SAP security.

User Settings Tab

This tab shows a list of user maintained for BlueWorx use.


Add New User

Add new user by selecting them from the drop down list and choosing the 'Add New User' button. 

The select the added user from the resulting search list. This user can be either a dialog user or a system user. You will then be taken to the User Detail Page page.

Maintain User

Maintain existing users by selecting them from the list. You will then be taken to the User Detail Page page.

Work Centres Tab

If you're using BlueWorx to assign Users to Work Centres then this tab shows a list of Work Centres and the total count of users currently assigned.

You can drill down into an entry to maintain details (add and remove users and adjust their validity dates) directly:

Download and Upload Users Tab

You can download User and User to Profile Assignments to CSV and upload these to another system. Using the download will also provide the correct format for mass upload preparation. There is no download and upload function for the BlueWorx Work Centre assignment option.

Important Notes

1. All upload functionality (Users and Users to Profiles) is for add and change NOT deletes which must be manually processed

2. The data and time format in csv files will be corrupted if opened in Microsoft Excel. Editing should occur in a text editor


Use this function to download all users, their profile links and BlueWorx Work Centre assignments (where appropriate) - the one button action downloads all the csv files:


Use this function to load users, user to profile links and, as of SP5, BlueWorx Work Centre assignments (where appropriate) from csv files: