Mobilize your SAP Asset Management with BlueWorx

BlueWorx is an application designed for enterprises using SAP Plant Maintenance who need to maintain and inspect assets. It's a world class solution that's innovative, user focused, offers comprehensive functionality and is affordable. BlueWorx works like you do and where you do, on all leading mobile devices and desktop browsers.

Functionality we deliver

The breadth and depth of functionality and innovation we've delivered in BlueWorx for your people is second to none.

Work Orders more... Notifications  more...
Comprehensive configurable fully SAP integrated Inspections  more...  Functional Locations and Equipment including from SAP on demand  more... 
Measurement Points, Documents and Reading Lists  more...  Material balances, issues, reservations, exchanges, requisitions and BOMs  more... 
Extensive geo-spatial integration and the ability to spatially locate assets and work  more...  Crew supervisor work management  more... 

For further information check out the rest of this dedicated BlueWorx support site, including Functionality Outline

What our customers say about BlueWorx

Engaged, happier workforce

"BlueWorx, being so easy to learn and use in the field, actually did the Change Management for us. Employees became far more engaged and happy in their everyday work."

Great user experience

"The speed and user interface optimized for mobile make it so easy. Everything I need is at my fingertips, and there is no running back and forth because an upload was unsuccessful." 


"It’s no longer a hassle just to do my everyday tasks. This new application is so reliable, and I’m more engaged in my work knowing the data has been captured securely and I won’t have to go back and do the inspection again." 


"This is literally what we have been wanting for years. It finally feels like we are a professional organisation which has up to date tools." 

Easy to support

"The team find the interface simple to navigate and very easy to use. They like using BlueWorx, which makes support of the software a breeze." "As you’re completely within the ABAP environment coding ABAP or JavaScript – everything is visible with no black boxes."

One team

"The BlueWorx Team were readily available to provide support and guidance throughout our BlueWorx implementation. They understood what we wanted to achieve and helped us to make the right moves towards a swift, successful outcome."

Targeted benefits

We understand that mobilizing maintenance processes is all about gaining business benefits.

Workforce engagement

Providing the right tools for the job improves workforce engagement. Customers tell us that their people love to use BlueWorx. 

Tool time productivity

Deliver more wrench time with less time on administration.

Resource waste reduction

Cut out the wasted resources associated with manual, paper-based, processes.

Downtime reduction

Keep your operations running through a more responsive, near real-time processing of information.

Regulatory compliance

Inspect your assets to regulations and standards and record the detailed results right within your SAP system. Make it happen, do it right, prove it's been done!

Enhanced decision making

Make decisions based on rich, quality data collected in the field and in real time/ near real time.

For further information see BlueWorx Business Benefits.

If you'd like further information please contact Accenture directly, register on this site and log a Support Ticket or contact one of our BlueWorx Partners

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