The BlueWorx Crew Manager functionality is accessible via the My Crew Manager tile in the main BlueWorx application. Users get access to this tile if they are licensed to use Crew Manager and have been enabled by their BlueWorx Administrator. 

The page provides access to the various tabs explained in the remainder of this article along with a series of other articles which explain the tabs available in the Crew Manager page.

Important Information

As of Support Pack 12, the Crew Functionality has been incorporated into and improved upon in the MyWork Area - accessible where Crew functionality is licensed and the user is acting in a Supervisor capacity. The following information will be retained for pre SP12 releases for a limited period.

Overview Tab

The overview tab provides a graphical list of the Work Centers that the Crew Manager is assigned to manage in BlueWorx, showing their capacity and committed effort. There are no navigation options from the graphics. 

For performance reasons the metrics are updated on Crew Sync and not on individual online Order updates (as of SP11). An update of the metrics can be manually initiated via this button:

The overview list starts with Backlog items showing how much work prior to today was not completed. The period that this metric reports on is configured in Crew Management Administration

Graphic Metrics Explained

  • Capacity = the capacity for the work center in hours for the date. For backlog work this will always be zero since we can't time travel!
  • = The percentage of Committed work as a proportion of the Work Centre capacity
  • Committed = The total capacity committed for the date
So in this example you have 20 hrs committed with a standard capacity of 13.6 hrs. This means you're over committed by 6.4 hrs or 47% (6.4/13.6 * 100).

Note that where the % committed exceeds 999% the SAPUI5 control will display the * character preceding the last two digits. So 1024% will be displayed as *24%. This is standard SAPUI5 control behavior.

Filtering and Sorting

The metrics list can be filtered using partial text search and sorted by Work Centre or Date in Ascending or Descending order.

Capacity Calculations

The work allocation in standard SAP uses the capacity per Work Center and not per individual. Our functionality follows this same logic in showing capacity information at the Work Center level. 

In terms of showing remaining work commitment against a Work Center, we have deliberately differed from the SAP approach in how we display this information:

  • Standard SAP 
    • Work Allocation - Typically SAP will allocate the work assigned over the available capacity for the assigned work centres. For example: a 40 hour job allocated to a work centre with 8 hrs capacity per week day will allocate 8 hours per day 
    • Displayed Work Capacity - Half way through the week and with no work having being undertaken, the work allocation in SAP will still show an even spread
  • BlueWorx Crew Manager
    • Work Allocation - Uses standard SAP as above
    • Display Work Capacity - Half way through the week and with no work being undertaken, the work allocation will show planned minus work to date spread over the remaining work days until the SAP allocated end date. This allows the Crew Manager to see that they have resource (or time sheet entry) issues that need to be addressed where work falls behind schedule. Their actions could then include: assigning more resources; prompting work order updates from personnel; or speaking to the maintenance planners to re-plan the order