The administrator for BlueWorx-Crew is via two area. This first is the settings used to control the main settings for the application and is the focus of this article; the second is around Crew manager assignment to users settings which is covered in the article section Crew Managers - In Charge Of in Maintain Users.

Note that Crew does not work (as it's illogical) with Order Setting 0 - No Filter All WO for the Users Maintenance Plants will come to the device as detailed in  Settings Tab - Work Order Assignment Type 

Crew Managers

The BlueWorx-Crew administration area is accessible from the BlueWorx Administration via the Crew Manager Tile once the appropriate BlueWorx license key has been applied.

Note that the export and import of Crew Settings via csv files is not supported, meaning that settings must be manually maintained in each SAP instance.

Crew Settings

The settings made from within this configuration area control the high level functions and behaviour of the BlueWorx-Crew component.

Summary of settings: 

  • Edit Operation Dates - When switch ON you can change an Operations start date to force it to commence on this day (subject to SAP configuration and business process rules).
  • Allow Assignment All Work Centres - When switched OFF a Crew Manager can only assign to Work Centres they have been allocated to manage. When ON all available Work Centres can be allocated 
  • Capacity Planning - When switched ON the capacity planning information for Work Centres is taken to the device and displayed as a chart. When OFF, as may be the case where non SAP ERP/ S4 Hana systems are used for capability planning, this data is not retrieved and nor is the Overview tab displayed to Crew Managers in BlueWorx
  • Split Assignments - When this setting is off, and you are using  Order User Assignment Option 7 - SAP Personnel Assigned at Order Operation (see BlueWorx Maintain Core Settings), you can only assign one person per Order Operation. Where this is on, and and you're using Option 7, you can allocate up to seven personnel. If you're not using Option 7 then this setting has no effect.
    Important Note: If you have the Split Assignment option in Crew OFF, then in editing in BlueWorx Crew all Operation split personnel assignments for that Operation will be removed in SAP. And if the Split Assignment is ON and change those assignment in BlueWorx Crew then the Operational header personnel assignment will be removed. This enforcement was improved in Patch 1.9.5. However, when using BlueWorx assignment option 7 (Order User Assignment), assignments that are made at operational header AND operational split level in SAP will result in BlueWorx users getting those Orders (where other profile selection parameter apply), until a change is made in Crew.
  • Planning Days Forward - This is the period of days into the future, from the sync date, for which Crew Manager Orders will be retrieved where they are scheduled for work. 
  • Planning Days Back - This is the period of days in the future, from the sync date, for which Crew Manager Orders will be retrieved where they are scheduled for work. 
  • Override UI5 Version - Used to control what version of the SAPUI5 Gannt control is used, where SAP changes to their libraries break previously operational versions. Recommendation at time of writing is 1.54.5
  • Gantt Max Zoom - This is the level of date zoom control, allowable under SAPUI5 options for the Gannt control, that a user can zoom to. The recommendation is 4.

BlueWorx-Crew is intended for the tactical management of work assignment, and not as the primary SAP work planning tool. As such the planning days forward should be confined to be within or no more than the regular planning cycle and has a limit of 17 days forward and 7 days back. This is because greatest time periods, with high volume scenarios, could cause excessive sync times and or degraded performance.

Work Centres

The Work Centres tab shows a list of all personnel assigned as to Work Centres as Crew managers. This list is for display only, for information on maintaining Crew Managers see Maintain Users > Crew Managers - In Charge Of.