From this single screen users can search for Functional Location and Equipment. 


Asset List

Access to the My Assets list via via the My Assets and Measures tile from the Main Menu and then selecting the My Assets tile:

A list of assets, Functional Locations and Equipment, is shown. The list is based on BlueWorx user profiles, Orders and Notification assigned to the user. The list can be searched, sorted, filtered and different fields displayed as detailed in the sections below:

Select a row from the list, or on the blue text representing an asset, to navigate to the Functional Location or Equipment. For further details see:

Tip: If your wanting to search for assets hierarchically, then select a suitable Functional Location or Equipment record and navigate up and down its hierarchy using the Structure tab.

Searching for assets on device

Users can search the asset records on the device, using partial values over 3 characters and without the need for any SAP wildcard (i.e. using *). Searching is across all the available display fields whether they are visible or not.

If you're on a mobile device you can use the bar-code scanner option to fill in the search criteria:

Search SAP

If online the user can search SAP for Functional Location and Equipment and retrieve a selected record from SAP back to the device:

This functionality is new to SP10 and is documented in the article Find Assets.

Display fields

Users can select which additional fields they display in list as columns the using the display option:

Favorites and History

To access favorites and history select the following button:

Details on this functionality is provided in Favorites and History

Filter and Sort

You can filter the displayed assets using a larger variety of criteria and save these filters for later use.

Notes on filter functionality

  • The Search function, from the main screen, works over the top of the filters
  • To provide an optimum search experience the values displayed are from those available in the list. That means some master data values may not be available at all times

To filter and sort the records maintain your required settings and click the Apply button:

To clear the results click the Clear Filters button:

Saved Filters

Having created a filter that you may want to reapply regularly, you can save this in the My Filters section.

To save the filter for subsequent use, Click the plus button:

And then provide a short description:

Filters saved in this manner will be available to apply later in the My Filters list, specific to the user/device. At this time, they are not synchronized with SAP for replication on other devices.