Starting your Neptune Mobile Application in Offline Mode (Aeroplane Mode) - iOS


After and number of support calls and internal testing we've identified an issue where the mobile application doesn't recognise that it is offline when it is started in Aeroplane mode.  This means that your applications (including BlueWorx) will try to make network requests which the device will reject resulting in an obscure "0 - Error" message briefly showing on the screen.  In BlueWorx the map will attempt to work in online mode.

This is specific to iOS devices.

Work Around

The simple work around is to toggle the device's aeroplane mode.  Turning connectivity on then off will correctly set the applications connection state.  There are events that fire when the connectivity state is changed, and the Neptune mobile application listens for and takes action on these events.


We've advised Neptune Software of the issue and they will include the fix in their next release.  At time of writing this post, the current release is Planet 8 version 5.5.5 so we'd expect to see the fix in either 5.5.6 or 5.6.0 whichever comes first.

You can apply a fix manually.  The fix is required in the index.html file of the Neptune mobile application so you will need to rebuild the application and deliver the update to your devices.

In the index.html file find the onDeviceReady function

        // onDeviceReady

        function onDeviceReady() {

at the end of the function add the following code to check the connectivity status when the application is opened.

            // Initial Connectivity State

            if (navigator.onLine) {


            } else {



The onOnline and onOffline functions are standard functions provided by Neptune and are the same functions that are called with the connectivity state change events mentioned above.

We will continue to post information like this when it has impacted our BlueWorx community.  There is also a treasure trove of information at the Neptune Community at for the Neptune Platform upon which BlueWorx is built.

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