UWP App Crash (TileContainer)

The Universal Window Platform (UWP) is very sensitive to JavaScript errors which would be silently ignored by other platforms. This can be the cause of unexpected application shut down.

There is a SAP UI5 issue with the sap.m.TileContainer which causes a JavaScript error when working out the size of the tile pager.  The error is shown below in Visual Studio at the time of a UWP exception. 

The same error can be seen in a Web Browser session.  It occurs intermittently but doesn't cause and issues and is ignored.

If you get this error make the following change to the UI5 library bundled in your mobile client build.  

Search for "var o=this._oTileDimensionCalculator.getLastCalculatedDimension()" in files library-preload.js and TileContainer.js

 and insert a new variable pager, and a check on pager which returns from the function when it is undefined.

Make and new application build with the patched UI5.

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