Missing tiles when mobile application is launched offline

Hi all,

We've recently discovered an issue with the new Neptune Launchpad which uses tile groups to organise the menu page.  You'll know that you are using the new Neptune Launchpad when your Mobile Client is configured to use the launchpad application "NEPTUNE_LAUNCHPAD_STANDARD".

When you launch the mobile application it calls home to the SAP system and gets updated information on all the tiles and groups.  It stores this data on the device so that all the tile information is there ready and waiting when you open the application when offline (or not able to reach the SAP system).  We found that when we launched the mobile application when offline you couldn't switch to another tile group, the list was empty.

The tile switcher is the 3 by 3 grid icon next to the orange Neptune logo at the top left of the app screen.  When you click on it you should get a list of the available tile groups as well as the currently running Neptune applications.

The screenshot above shows the available tile groups.  The groups show because I started the mobile application while online.  The information was received from the SAP system successfully.  It doesn't matter whether I turn the phone to flight mode and am now offline, until I close down the mobile application are open it while offline.

 When I open the mobile application when offline and select the tile switcher I get an empty list.

The error is due to a missing cache setting in the "NEPTUNE_LAUNCHPAD_STANDARD" application.  It has been fixed by Neptune Software in the Planet 8 version 5.5.6 release.

To fix in previous releases you will need to modify the "NEPTUNE_LAUNCHPAD_STANDARD" application to include the missing cache setting and rebuild your mobile application.  The "NEPTUNE_LAUNCHPAD_STANDARD" code is part of the mobile application and is not downloaded on device.  It can only be updated when you build your mobile application.  This fix was provided by Neptune Software.

Make that change, activate, then rebuild your mobile app using the updated launchpad code.  If you upgrade to a Planet 8 version less that 5.5.6 you will need to reapply the fix.



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