Maintain Online Smart Form Reports

Sometimes you have requirements for additional data that are peculiar to your company. Examples might include:

  • Customer job sheet that you want to print to give to a customer
  • Work Order and Or Notification history for a FL or Equipment
  • Components List
  • Previous Measurement Document history for a FL or Equipment

Customers develop their own reports, with a PDF output and then configure this association in BlueWorx. 


As standard SAP Smart Forms do not support the use of HTML text content nor image context (as opposed to forms images). This may reduce the application of this option for complex inspection results (where html text and or images are used).

Sample Forms

Zag provides four sample Smart Forms as the basis for customer delivery. As these forms are intended to delivery customer specific information, the sample forms are provided on a complementary basis. As such Zag makes no commitment to their continued maintenance or improvement.

Sample forms provides as at Feb 20 include:

  • Equipment
  • Functional Location
  • Work Order
  • Notification
  • Inspection Results

Access to the sample forms is available to customers from this forum: Release Details

Important Notes

The BlueWorx User must have online access to SAP on first call of the report. It will thereafter be available offline (unless the document is removed from the device).


The settings are reasonably self explanatory. Create or select a report from the list:

Maintain the Report Definition and the BlueWorx field to the Report Input fields:

The configured report will now be available in the corresponding BlueWorx object in the Documents > Reports section: