Performance and Data Limits

A recurring question is how much data can BlueWorx take and what impacts on the performance. The answer is complicated by the following variables:

  • Not all devices are created equal - The device operating system (type and release); processing speed and memory mean that one device may accept a great deal more data than another. Device capabilities are regularly improving in terms of hardware and software. 
  • Not all master data records are the same - Equipment and Functional location records can vary considerably in terms of their data volume - for example whether they are a shell record or fully maintained; their classification data; associated measurement points; long texts; etc.
  • Not all SAP systems, networks, WiFi and cellular systems are the same - All these things contribute to how fast synchronisation events occur.
  • Not all user expectations are the same - People have different expectations on how fast the application should perform. The data size is not just about the total number of records but also the frequency of change.
  • Not all users use their device the same way - Depending on the device, other concurrent use can impact on the application performance.

Because of the variables the answer as to 'how much data can BlueWorx take' is not definitive. In general terms you should send the least amount of data that is needed to perform the business function. After all we are trying to mobilize some aspects of SAP operations and not all. The following are some generalized targets, not hard limits, BlueWorx may continue to perform well above these limits or may strike issues earlier with smaller data numbers/ larger overall volumes or some devices/ browsers.

  • Work Orders - 200 Orders
    • Operation - Work Order should have no more than 100 Operations as a guideline 
    • Objects - Work Orders should have no more than 100 Objects. More than this can cause performance issues as each Object is evaluated in real time for Inspections every time the Order is opened (when using online evaluation option)
  • Notification - 250 Notifications
  • Photos and Files - very dependent on the file size and device specifications and available free space. Suggest 250 files on device across all objects as being a reasonable target. Some devices will take more, some device may experience issues with less.
  • Equipment and Functional Locations - 75,000 full records with associated measurement points and a moderate number of classification values.
  • Materials - The design intent for materials is forward facing stock and not the replication of large numbers of warehouse material lines. So the general guidance is < 1,000 records. As of Support Pack 11 BlueWorx offers the ability to search for materials when connected to further reduce the need for/ scope of offline data. For example you might restrict offline records to reflect locally available common use stores such as repair vehicle stock. Alternative options include using a different online application, which can be delivered using the Neptune or SAP Fiori approaches.

Optimising User Profiles

For information on optimising user profiles see Optimising User Profiles