This page provides some explanation of some of the key SDLC processes and standards used by Zag to develop and maintain our products.

Product Development Systems

  • SAP ERP - Our primary development system is a SAP Hana ECC instance.
  • Jira Product Development - We use Jira to register and track all product development from initial discovery/ registration through build, testing and release. Our Jira system is integrated with our Freshdesk system.
  • GitHub - We use our own private GitHub repository to track all product development code changes (SAP ABAP and JavaScript)
  • Freshdesk Product Support - We use Freshdesk cloud based services to provide our main product information and externally facing support services. Our Freshdesk system is integrated with our Jira system
  • Cordova - We use Cordova for our mobile application build
  • Apple Xcode - We use Apple Xcode, where appropriate for debug services related to Apple iOS
  • Visual Studio 2015 and 2017 - We use Microsoft Visual Studio, where appropriate for debug and build services related to Windows 10
  • Android Studio - We use Android Studio to build and debug Android application builds 

Product Development Standards

  • SAP ABAP -  We use the Zag standards for ABAP programming. These standards are based on SAP best practices and have been in use in 1000's of developments for our customers over the 20 years that Zag has been providing SAP services.
  • JavaScript - We use Zag JavaScript standards for Neptune Software programming. These standards have been developed using JavaScript best practices specifically adapted for use with the Neptune Software design tools.
  • Fiori UI - We reference the SAP Fiori Design Guidelines for our UI development where appropriate.

Product Implementation

We provide a detailed implementation guide for our products that cover the procedures for technical enablement and references to online resources (this product support site) for configuration options and details. Where appropriate we also provide supplementary supporting information including but not limited to: 

  • Project Implementation Schedule
  • Navigation and Function Model
  • SAP Authorisation Profile
  • End User Training Template

Technical implementation in SAP system follows the recommended SAP best practices employing (at least) the customers Development > Test (QA) > Production system and with migration using SAP Transports (and accompanying release processes)

SDLC - Key Processes

Defect Resolution

While we strive to get it right the first time, all complex software products have defects. The following is a summary of the Software Development Life cycle for defect tracking and resolution as used by the Zag product Development Team:

Product Improvements

We have an ongoing program of improvements being made to our products. The major improvements are documented in our Product Roadmap. The following is a summary of the key processes we employ: