Spatial information from ESRI map and layer services can be configured for display on the device. Generally speaking, these settings would be undertaken in conjunction with the customers' own GEO team who would provide details and advice on available services. In addition, users can configure BlueWorx to support its own spatial features, independent of ESRI or other map providers.

Important: ESRI ArcGIS is a world leading comprehensive solution for managing spatial data and it includes many optional features. In the same way that BlueWorx does not support all SAP Plant Maintenance options, neither does it support all ESRI ArcGIS options. Rather its focus is on supporting common-use features.

The general concepts used in the configuration of the maps are as follows:


  • Use only those map services that you implicitly trust, this being an enterprise-based application

  • All licensing associated with the use of GEO settings in BlueWorx is the responsibility of the customer

  • The URL used (base maps and feature layers) must be https to ensure that its not mixed mode with the BlueWorx address (which should be https) on browsers

  • The URL domain address (base maps and feature layers) must be added to the white list of addresses of BlueWorx application build (origin and content security policy)

Configuration Access

To turn on the use of Map functionality in BlueWorx enable the master setting under 'Maintain core settings' from the BlueWorx Configuration Console.

Access the GEO settings from the Maintain Maps Settings tile on the BlueWorx Configuration Console: