BlueWorx Crew Manager is an integrated component in the BlueWorx application whose optional use is separately licensed. Its technical architecture is therefore that of BlueWorx which is documented here:

Crew Manager does have some controls and functions that distinguish it from core BlueWorx as follows:

Gantt Chart Control

The standard Neptune Software designer does not provide access to the SAP standard SAPUI5 Gantt control. We have therefore added this control directly and using JavaScript functionality.

SAP recommends that the SAPUI5 Gantt Chart control used in Crew Manager not be used for phone sized devices, and in our experience with Crew use cases this also applies to tablets. For this reason the Gantt control is accessible only when BlueWorx Crew is used in compatible Browsers with their larger screen size.

Use of BDC Session

In all our development we favour the use of SAP BAPI's and RFC's - as per the standard SAP programming approach. Unfortunately SAP does not provide a suitable BAPI nor RFC to enable editing of multiple Work Order resource assignments at the Operation level. Other SAP functions around this functionality exists but are not RFC enabled and therefore present a risk in terms of process integrity. As a result, where customers elect to allow the multiple personnel assigned to the Work Order Operation), the processing of these updates in SAP will be undertaken using a SAP BDC based process against transaction IW32 (Order Change). 

While the use of SAP BDC sessions as a programming technique should generally be avoided, we consider this the best technical solution available whilst ensuring adherence of our customers SAP business rules and transactional integrity. The potential for issues could however arise if the customer has influenced the layout of their IW32 Change Order transaction. Partner/ Customer remediation of any such issues should be undertaken by ABAP developers to adjust the coded BDC session in: 

SAP Function: /soltius/pm_iw32_oper_splits

For information on where the Order Assignments option is set in BlueWorx see:  Maintain Core Settings Order > Order User Assignment and note Option 7. That sets on personnel assignment at the operational level. To then turn on splits see  Crew Manager Administration - Settings > Split Assignments switch.