This page details the configuration for use of BlueWorx and SAP Standard Texts.

Business and SAP Context

The availability of using SAP Standard Texts was delivered in SP13. This is especially important as it allows users to create Order Operations using the SAP Standard Text Key and not just get the associated text, but also trigger (where so configured) Inspections.


The following is an illustration of this page/ tab:

 The following screen fields and controls are defined, where not documented they are considered self explanatory or are explained elsewhere:

Field/ FunctionDescription/ UsageRecommendation
SAP Standard Text switchSet on the enable the use if SAP Standard Texts, Type CA10, in BlueWorxSwitch on if you have maintained SAP Standard Text. If it is switched on, you will need to set up and periodically run a batch job to keep the SAP Standard Text up to date with SAP. Refer to the batch job documentation here.
Standard Long Text List
Add Standard Text buttonAdd new text
Row SelectDisplay/ Edit long text values


When entering long texts in the Order, Notification and Inspection screens a list of text templates is made available through this configuration setting. The texts are available to all object types. A sample list of texts is attached below.