Order Page

The Order Page provides information about the Order and access to all the tabs.


Order Header and General Functions

Order Header and General Functions

At the header of the page the Order type and Priority are displayed along with the Work Order Number and most recent Order Status. These elements remain the same regardless of the tab selected. 

Update the Order Status

Users can update the Order and Order Operations status on the device. The status values are fully configurable and can be used to update the Order and Operational User Status on processing in SAP and or update a BlueWorx status specific to that user. Users can see a full history, when connected, of the Order and Operation status updates of other users, including when they first received the Order to their device.

Initiate Order changes using this button and note that when users are connected Status updates will occur in real time, if they are not connected then they will go into the BlueWorx Outbox for user initiated syncing:

Important: Note that changing the Order or Operation status, when online and processed through SAP in real time, will refresh the details of the Order and related Notification.

Save, Park and Releasing Orders

To Save changes to the Order use the Save button. 

  • If the Order has been Parked then this action will save changes and leave the Order in a Parked status
  • If the Order is not Parked then this will save for update in SAP on next sync

Having Parked an Order it will remain as Parked on regular Saves until it is releases using the Order Detail page Save drop down list:

Note that releasing a Parked Order will automatically release an associated Parked Notification.

Additional information on Parking Orders is available here: Parking Notifications and Orders Explained

You can add time either from within an Operation or for multiple Operations using the button:

Other self explanatory functions are accessible from the right hand button hamburger menu:

SAP Order Display

Will, subject to BlueWorx and SAP technical configuration and security, launch the SAP Web GUI transaction for Orders (IW33). This function only works on the Browser view.

Order Status History

This function is only available when a connection to SAP is available. It shows the Order and Operations status updates for all users and can be searched on.

Confirmation History

This option is available as of SP5 and needs to be activated in the BlueWorx Administration > Settings