This page details the Operations Tab in the Work Order and the Operations Page which provides detailed information about the operation.

Operations Tab

This tab in the Work Order page provides a list of summary information on the Order Operations and navigation access to the Order Operations details page. The fields displayed/editable can change according to the Order Assignment type and Crew settings for the user.

The following screen fields and controls are defined, where not documented they are considered self explanatory or are explained elsewhere:

Field/ ControlExplanation/ Use
List Header
Type to FilterEnter search text to filter Operations list.
Add Operation button

Users can add Operations to a Work Order where authorised in their BlueWorx Admin settings to edit Work Orders. This will take you to a blank Work Order Operation Detail page.

Task List buttonUsers can add Task Lists to a Work Order where authorised in their BlueWorx Admin settings to edit Work Orders. Pressing the button will open a dialog to choose available Task Lists.

Important Note: As per SAPs logic the validity dates of the Task Lists will be checked with the Orders Start Date and only those valid as of the Order start date are shown.
Start date field

Adjust the operation start date. Note that SAP may reject this change on sync according to SAP processing rules and if the Order/ Operation has work already recorded against it

Work CentreAdjust the assigned Work Centre, where new Order or Crew Supervisor
View Assigned Personnel
View assigned personnel, where derived from Work Centre:
Maintain Assigned Personnel
If Crew Management and Order Assignment Type 7, assign one or more personnel (as configured):

Single Assignment - Where Crew Split Assignments for Operations is Off
Note that in this case, using the dialog list header options, you can assign the selected personnel to the selected Operation; all unassigned Operations; or all Operations

Multiple Assignment - Where Crew Split Assignments for Operations is On
Note that multiple improvement to this function were made in SP12.
Work Chart - This chart is new in SP13 and replaces previous labels. It shows the original Planned work; the Actual time spent to date; the number of assigned People; and the Forecast work (Actual Work + Work Remaining). The chart shows orange if the Forecast value exceeds the Planned value.

To add a Time Confirmation for a specific Operation.

Add Time buttonTo add a Time Confirmation to multiple Operations.
Select row

On selection of an Operation BlueWorx navigates to the Work Order Operation Detail page.