This page details the Operations Tab in the Work Order and the Operations Page which provides detailed information about the operation.


Operations Tab

This tab in the Work Order page provides a list of summary information on the Order Operations and navigation access to the Order Operations details page:

On selection of an Operation BlueWorx navigates to the Work Order Operation page.

Add Time Confirmation

To add a Time Confirmation for a specific Operation select the button on the line:

To add a Time Confirmation to multiple Operations select the button on the right hand bottom

Add Operation

Users can add Operations to a Work Order where authorised in their BlueWorx Admin settings to edit Work Orders using the following button:

This will take you to a blank Work Order Operations page, as illustrated below.

Work Order Operation Page

The majority of the fields displayed in this section are self explanatory. Object links to the Functional Location and Equipment records, where maintained, can be followed to access the underlying BlueWorx records for these objects:

The Technical Object assigned to the Order Operation will be automatically added to the Orders object list - conditional that the assignment of Objects at the Operational Level is controlled by SAP setting for the Work Order Type and, where not applicable, the field is hidden. See IMG - PM & CS - Maintenance & Service Processing - Maintenance & Service Order - Functions & Settings - Define Notification & Order Integration | Assignment of  Operations to Objects List Entries Inactive.

Where Operational Account Assignment is active then any new Operations will be assigned the default settlement rule. To determine if Operational Account Assignment is active, the switch LOG_EAM_OLC must be active and the operation Plant and Work Center must allow account assignment. See IMG - PM & CS - Maintenance & Service Processing - Maintenance & Service Order - Functions & Settings - Costs at Operation Level - Define Cost Settings.

Linear Data Section

Where the Functional Location or Equipment maintained for the Operation is Linear then the following section will be displayed:

Long Text Section

Initiate Adding Text for the Operation using this button:

Once in the long text editor you can add templated text as configured in BlueWorx Admin. For more information on feature see Maintain Core Settings - Standard Text Tab

To add a GPS Lat/ Long reference to the text use this button on GPS enabled devices:

Inspection Tab

This tab shows any inspections specific to the selected operation:

Selecting an Inspection will take you to the Asset Inspection detail.

Documents Tab

This tab displays any documents (from PRT's) specific to the operation. Note that online reports are not available at the operational level as these are Order based.


This tab displays the Components for the Operation.

Requisition Items

To add items to be purchased directly, as opposed to from or through stock, select the Purchase Button:

This will open this dialog:

Note that, as of SP11, you can also search for non stock material items, where so configured and online, and these too will become Requisitions.

Material Items

To search for and create Reservations or Issue Materials, choose this button:

You can also add reservations to Order via the Material List.


This tab displays any PRT items applicable to this operation.

Measurement Points Tab

This tab shows any Measurement Points appropriate for this operation:

Confirmation Outbox Tab

This tab shows Order Confirmations (or CATS Timesheet entries depending on BlueWorx config) created but yet to be Synced with SAP.  

Selecting an entry allows you to edit it or pressing circle cross icon to delete.

Initiate Confirmations

To initiate a Confirmation or Timesheet entry chose the button:

Initiating a confirmation can also be done from the Operations tab as documented above. This action opens up the confirmation dialog:

Note that this screen can change slightly if SAP HR Time Sheets (CATS) has been activated in SAP and BlueWorx administration and LAM data entry is not available using CATS. 

Where the Operation specific Asset (FL or Equipment) is linear managed, or if not specified the Orders primary asset in linear managed then the following screen is also available for LAM data entry: