This tab shows SAP Classification Characteristics for a Functional Location record. 

Business and SAP Context

BlueWorx administration settings along with the users assigned BlueWorx profile dictate what characteristics are displayed. Typically this is configured so that only classification record for FL or Equipment referenced by Work Orders on the device are downloaded and these are subject to the User Profile filters. The exception being Characteristics used to demote the GEO latitude/ longitude values.

Important Information

The online option to refresh/ populate data (from SAP) can retrieve Classification Information.

Characteristics Tab

The following is an illustration of this screen: 

The following screen fields and controls are defined, where not documented they are considered self explanatory or are explained elsewhere:

Field/ ControlExplanation/ Use
Type to FilterEnter values to filter the list
Sort buttonSort list values:
Select List ItemSelect the list item to show the Characteristic Value screen as defined below

Characteristic Value Screen

This screen shows additional details of the selected Characteristic value.

All fields are considered self explanatory.