Structure Tab

The Structure Tab provides information about the structure of the Equipment with regards to a superior Functional Location or Equipment, Equipment installed at the same level and sub Equipment.


Navigate to Record

To navigate to a record in the structure list select the record row.

Navigate Up/ Down Structure

To navigate up or down the structure select the up/ down navigation arrows from the list:

Return to Previous Record

To return back to your previous FL or Equipment record use the back button at the top left of the screen.

Install/ Uninstall Equipment

Where authorised and as of release SP10, you can optionally install and uninstall Equipment. For clarity when using this functionality you are always at the parent record installing something into it, and not at the child record installing into a parent.

To install select:

 To uninstall select:

When online and navigating the structure list, you can optionally retrieve from SAP FL or Equipment records from SAP back to BlueWorx where they are not already present: