Where configured and allowed for the user, they can create a 'field order'. This is a simple order designed to allow personnel in the field to record work for which they are qualified, authorised and able to perform. The ability to create a Field Order exists in the Functional Location and Equipment lower right menu options, from the Notification screen and from various locations on map item screens.

Business and SAP Context

Some SAP installations are configured to require a Notification for Work Orders of certain types. If this is a requirement then users should create a Notification first and create a Work Order from it. 

Note that the administrators can control whether only the Assembly materials are shown or all materials on device are shown via the Assembly Switch in the Technical Objects section of Maintain Core Settings - Settings Tab

Create Field Order

On initiation the following dialog is displayed. When initiated the FL or Equip record details are copied into the dialog:

The following screen fields and controls are defined, where not documented they are considered self explanatory or are explained elsewhere:

Field/ ControlExplanation/ Use
ReferenceOptionally enter a reference to support offline scenarios to record a reference from the physical asset for subsequent look-up in SAP when online again. This field is available as of SP10 where the Order has yet to be created in SAP and exists in BlueWorx with a '$' Order reference.
Reference BarcodeInitiate mobile camera to scan a barcode or QR code and replace the value of the Reference field. Visible only on mobile devices.
Functional LocationPopulated with the Functional Location where creating from an asset record, or from a search help is creating an Order directly.

Field clear button also provided.
EquipmentPopulated with the Equipment where creating from an asset record, or from a search help is creating an Order directly. Note that when using search options the Equipment results will be filtered to the Functional Location, where maintained.

Field clear button also provided.
AssemblySelect Material Assembly, where appropriate/ available. See more on this below.
DescriptionMaintain a description for the Order. This will also be used as a text for Operation 0010.
Long TextOptionally maintain Long Text for the Order Header.

Users can optionally select from BlueWorx Standard Text; or where so configured from SP13, from the SAP Standard Texts
Order TypeSelect the Order Type from the allowed list.

The Order Types available for selection, with defaults for Priority are maintained in the BlueWorx Administration Application, as is control over whether Field Orders can be created directly from an Equipment or Functional Location without the requirement to first create a Notification.

Activity TypeSelect the Activity Type from the allowed list.
Planner GroupSelect the Planner Group from the allowed list. Will be defaulted from the Equipment (or FL) where maintained.
PrioritySelect the Order Priority from the list - values are appropriate for the Order Type selected
Header Work CentreSelect the Work Centre for the Order Header. The Header Work Centre and the Operation Work Centre will be defaulted from the user's SAP parameters, when maintained, and when the Work Centre information was not carried over from the source item.  The parameters are:
  • WRK - The Work Centre Plant
  • VAP - The Header Work Centre
  • AGR - The Operation Work Centre

Both WRK and VAP are required for the Header Work Center, and both WRK and AGR are required for the Operation Work Centre.

The Work Centers carried over from the source item can be overridden by the user's parameters by setting the one or both of the following two options in the BlueWorx Administration Application under Order Settings:

  • Default Header WC from PID
  • Default Operation WC from PID
Basic Start and End DatesMaintain the Start and End Dates for the Order. Generally the Order start date will be today
First Operation
Operation Work CentreSelect the Work Centre for the first Operation. Will be defaulted from the Equipment (or FL) where maintained. See more on this topic below. 
WorkEnter the estimated Total Work in hours.
PeopleEnter the estimated Total People.
Control KeySelect the Control Key for the Operation.
Save/ ParkTo Save changes to the Order use the Save button. 
  • If the Order has been Parked then this action will save changes and leave the Order in a Parked status
  • If the Order is not Parked then this will save for update in SAP on next sync

If a user has been given permission to do by the BlueWorx User Administrator, they can Park a new Order before first Sync with SAP. 

On completing select the Save button to save the Order and navigate to the Order Detail Page. From there you can further maintain the order, texts, components, status and time entries:

For additional information on Park see Parking Notifications and Orders Explained
CancelCancel the creation of this Order.


You can select an associated assembly from the list of available materials or, if a BOM is maintained for the Technical Object, from the BOM:

BOM Selection:

Linear Asset Data

If your FL or Equipment has Linea Data then this can be maintained from the Order Detail page following it's creation.