The Notifications page is used to display, change and add Notifications. Navigation to this page comes from many locations, including: Notifications List, Work Orders and Inspections. Users can view and then edit existing Notification from the Notification List or Work Order, and create them from a Technical Object record (FL and Equipment). 

Notifications Header and General Functions

The following is an example of the page header and footer.  These elements remain the same regardless of the tab selected.   

The following screen fields and controls are defined, where not documented they are considered self explanatory or are explained elsewhere:

Field/ ControlExplanation/ Use
User Status buttonUsers can change the SAP User Status for Notifications. The available status come from SAP config settings and like SAP, you can set one status with number and or multiple non-numbered status. That will display the following (as per your SAP configuration) that you can change and Save:

To Save changes to the Notification use the Save button. 

  • If the Notification is not Parked then this will save for update in SAP on next sync
  • If the Notification is not Parked then this will save for update in SAP on next sync

Additional information on Parking Notifications is available here: Parking Notifications and Orders Explained

Park buttonIf a user has been given permission to do by the BlueWorx User Administrator, they can Park a new Notification before first Sync with SAP.
Release Park button

Having Parked a Notification it will remain as Parked on regular Saves until it is released

Select hamburger menu to display available menu options for the Notification: