Notification Page

The Notifications page is used to display, change and add Notifications. Navigation to this page comes from many locations, including: Notifications List, Work Orders and Inspections. Users can view and then edit existing Notification from the Notification List or Work Order, and create them from a Technical Object record (FL and Equipment). 

Information includes long texts, Item Details, Causes, Activities and Tasks are included (including filtered code catalogs), documents and photos can be uploaded (stored in SAP Notification GOS object). When configured they may also be directed to create a Notification based on their response to Inspection questions.

Each of the other tabs in the page is explained in this an other articles.

Update Notification User Status

Users can change the SAP User Status for Notifications. The available status come from SAP config settings and like SAP, you can set one status with number and or multiple non-numbered status. The update the Notification User Status select the following button:

That will display the following (as per your SAP configuration) that you can change and Save:

Save, Park and Releasing Notifications

To Save changes to the Notification use the Save button. 

  • If the Notification has been Parked then this action will save changes and leave the Notification in a Parked status
  • If the Notification is not Parked then this will save for update in SAP on next sync

If a user has been given permission to do by the BlueWorx User Administrator, they can Park a new Notification before first Sync with SAP. 

To Park a Notification select this button from the Save drop down list:

Having Parked a Notification it will remain as Parked on regular Saves until it is releases using the following Save drop down list button:

Note that a Notification in a Parked state with an Order that is also parked can not be released directly. It must instead be released by releasing the Order, which will auto release the Notification.

Additional information on Parking Notifications is available here: Parking Notifications and Orders Explained

Other self explanatory functions are accessible from the right hand button hamburger menu: