The BlueWorx configuration dictates which map and layer information is sent to the device to support offline operations in the field. This means that some feature layers may not be available when your device is offline. When working on a mobile device you can download map and layer data (configured as being allowed to be downloaded) in anticipation of working offline and for an area which has not already been downloaded through standard functionality. 

The data downloaded is relative to each Work Order objects (Functional Location and Equipment) SAP specified GEO location and to an area of 'x' meters around it (where x is a configuration value). It then zooms out back to a map level of 0 (the highest).

Steps to Download

Step 1 - Find Location to Download

Centre your screen on the area to download. As the area being downloaded will commence at the configured lower level it's recommended that you zoom in to a detailed level to initiate this:

Step 2 - Initiate Download

Select the Download Screen option from the lower right menu:

If you were on a map that was not the default download map then you'll get the option to switch to that base map:

Step 3 - Map Downloaded

The map tiles and selected layers will be downloaded:


The download will then progress. The time to download will depend on a combination of: network speeds: GEO server response speed; device speed; the number of layers configured to be offline; pre-existence of map tiles for this location on the device.