Synchronisation Logging

BlueWorx provides a full and detailed log of user sync events. Details include date, time, user, device type, device ID, Type, OS and positional information (configurable). Note that the date and time values must be in the yyyymmdd and hhmmss formats.

User Sync Logs — Logs Tab

The following is an illustration of this page/ tab:

The following screen fields and controls are defined, where not documented they are considered self explanatory or are explained elsewhere:

Field/ FunctionDescription/ Usage

Filter button

Access filter And Group dialog:
Refresh button
Refresh the results from SAP
View in MapView the recorded location, for selected lines, where the users were then they initiated the sync (where recorded)
Select lineNavigate to the Detail Page for the row

Sync Detail Page — Summary Tab

The summary tab provides key information about the sync event, including the device details:

Sync Detail — Steps Tab

The steps tab provides extensive information about the sync event. This can be used to determine is a particular sync step is taking longer than anticipated or where errors are occurring in the sync process:

Clicking on a sync step entry allows you to open see the step detailed information:

User Sync Logs — Last Syncs Tab

This tab shows how long since users last synced and how many times in total they have synced:

User Sync Logs — Analysis Tab

This tab provides visual information on the use of BlueWorx over a period and given hours of the day. It provides insights into how your workforce is operating in the field:

Note: The bottom hours chart shows both system and user sync time, allowing you to understand both systems load from BlueWorx syncs and workforce work patterns. The user sync time was added in SP10, until that release only the systems sync time was shown.

Download Logs and Sync Log Steps

Administrative users can download the details of selected Sync and Sync Logs Step records. They can then perform additional analysis using tools like Excel.


For details on troubleshooting user sync errors, refer to the Sync Error being Reported tips and tricks forum post.