Inspection Log Monitoring

A log of all the inspection results and processing status is included – providing a full and enduring record of all inspection results in one place. 

Inspection Processing Log

The inspection log also allows you view and where required reprocess failed updates (caused by object locks), set to manually updated (i.e. incorrect configuration) or ignore (i.e. more recent reading). You can also optionally use authorisation objects to force the review and approval/ rejection of Inspection Question results.

Navigation and Functions

  • Use the menu options bottom right to reprocess, ignore or mark as manually processed
  • Drill down to the Inspection Log Detail - see Inspection Viewer Application
  • Export the Inspection Logs to xls for further analysis

Inspection Question Review/ Editing and Approval

Inspection processings errors can occur for a number of reasons. For example:

  • Where incorrect allowed values have been maintained for a Question in it's allowed value list
  • Where an invalid object to update have been maintained - for example a Classification data update where that Characteristic has not been maintained an Equipment
  • Where the operator has entered an invalid response - for example too many decimal places on a number or the entry is too long

Where this occurs then the processing of the Question will report as being in an error state and the administrator can:

  • Correct the entry (edit it from within the application) and reprocess. Note of the change and who changed it are recorded
  • Mark the entry as having be manually processed (in SAP)
  • Mark the entry as 'Ignore'

In required cases a SAP Authorisation Object can be maintained for an Inspection Question requiring that someone with that authorisation reviews and approves the change. A good example of the use of this functionality would be master data updates to ensure that naming and coding conventions are correct.

Note that they can also edit the change prior to approval and that details of the approver and approval date are recorded.


Some metrics are provided around inspections: