This page provide a log of all Inspection processing results.

Business and SAP Context

Organisations use BlueWorx Inspections on completion to complete a number of configurable updates in SAP. Based on configuration this occurs either when the Inspector syncs completed Inspections with SAP or (as recommended) using a scheduled SAP job. On occasion the SAP update may error. 

In the vast majority of cases, the fault for an error, and responsibility for its resolution, logically can't/ shouldn't rest with the Inspector because they are generally not responsible for SAP master data set up, nor Inspection configuration. Which is the primary reason why this page is provided. The secondary reason is that organisation may require that updates are reviewed and approved (perhaps with correction) prior to update in SAP. An example could be that a change to an asset description is reviewed to ensure that the correct taxonomy is applied.

As requested by customers, in some cases an entry may have been successfully processed but on further investigation the results are deemed incorrect. If the results are used for regulatory reporting then it's important that the recorded result can be corrected (but not reprocessed). This correction, which records the change and user details, can also be undertaken.

Important Information

The ability to mass select records and use the footer button functions; and to change recorded values for successfully processed entries, was delivered in Support Pack 13. 

Inspection Processing Log

The following is an illustration of this screen:

The following screen fields and controls are defined, where not documented they are considered self explanatory or are explained elsewhere:

Field/ ControlExplanation/ Use
SearchSearch for entries
Filter buttonFilter or Group values
Download Logs buttonDownload logs to a csv file for additional analysis
RefreshRefresh the values, for example after changing a records status
Select rowsSelect one or more rows to use in conjunction with the Footer buttons
Click rowDrill down to the Inspection Log Detail - see Inspection Viewer Application and section below on Review/ Editing and Approval.
Footer Section
ApproveFor selected records, Approve and Reprocess - subject to SAP authorisation rights defined in the Inspection configuration
ReprocessFor selected records, attempt to Reprocess the record, for example after you have corrected master data
ManualFor selected records, mark the records as having be Manually completed in SAP
IgnoreFor selected records, Ignore the update and don't attempt any further processing

Inspection Question Review/ Editing and Approval

The following is an illustration of this screen. It is shown when a user drills into a record in the Inspection Logs. The screen comes from the Inspection Viewer application, however when launched from the Inspection Logs the footer buttons are shown, for authorised users.

Inspection processing errors can occur for a number of reasons. For example:

  • Where incorrect allowed values have been maintained for a Question in it's allowed value list
  • Where an invalid object to update have been maintained - for example a Classification data update where that Characteristic has not been maintained an Equipment
  • Where the operator has entered an invalid response - for example too many decimal places on a number or the entry is too long

Where this occurs then the processing of the Question will report as being in an error state and the administrator can:

  • Correct the entry (edit it from within the application) and reprocess. Note of the change and who changed it are recorded
  • Mark the entry as having be manually processed (in SAP)
  • Mark the entry as 'Ignore'

In required cases a SAP Authorisation Object can be maintained for an Inspection Question requiring that someone with that authorisation reviews and approves the change. A good example of the use of this functionality would be master data updates to ensure that naming and coding conventions are correct. Details of the approver and approval date are recorded.


Where a record requires approval before processing then on selection the following screen is displayed. Users can Approve (if they have the associated SAP Auth Object); or Edit and Approve; or Reject:

Editing Values

Where a record is in error or pending approval, an administrator can edit the response value (only). This is exposed on the Q&A tab. 

As of SP13 the value for successfully processed records can also be updated, but will not be reprocessed - see Business and SAP Connect section above for an explanation on this use-case.

Note that the new value is the key value (for example for Classification Characteristics or Answer Group Values) and that any corresponding New Description field will not be populated.


A chart is provided with basic metrics around inspections: