Monitoring Logs

The materials that are issued from the BlueWorx application are logged and errors can be reprocessed from the admin console. 

The reason that Material processing errors are not passed back to BlueWorx like they are for some objects, is that there's generally not much that a BlueWorx user can do to remedy such errors - it's the job of someone else. For example, if they used five 'bolts' and issued these in BlueWorx, but on processing in SAP it errored because the balance was then down to four available, then it's going to need someone in stores to investigate and correct - for example process inbound transfers/ receipt, reversing direct issues not yet picked, etc. 

Material Processing Log List

The Material Processing Log also allows you to reprocess failed updates (caused by object locks), set to manually updated (i.e. incorrect configuration) or ignore:

Functions and Navigation

  • Search the records displayed using the text Filter field. Note that any date value must be in the yyyymmdd format
  • Filter and Group the records using the drop-down hamburger menu
  • Navigate to an item by selecting a row to navigate to the Detail screen (see below)
  • Export a log of displayed entries to csv file for separate analysis

Material Processing Log Detail

This screen provides the details of the log entry:

Functions and Navigation

If configured and accessing via a browser use the menu option bottom left to open a SAP Web GUI transaction to display SAP Stock Details for the item.