This tab shows SAP Permit information for the Notification. 

Business and SAP Context

SAP does not provide for Permits for Notifications. That's because in the standard use of SAP Orders are the actionable item that's follows a Notification. In a practical sense however it follows that if a Permit is required for work to be undertaken then is might he helpful from a safety and investigation perspective to allow personnel to see that when creating Notifications for assets with permits maintained. That's what BlueWorx does, it doesn't prohibit the creation of Notifications with related permits, as it can do for Work Orders, but does warn the User of their existence on creation and on the Permits tab where the Permit type is marked as 'Propose Permit' settings for the Permit/ FL or Equipment.

The Permit checks are against the Equipment (if applicable) and its installed FL (as applicable). This functionality is new to SP7 and is optionally configured.

Permits Tab

This tab shows SAP Permit information for the Notifications Functional Location and Equipment, where the Permits are marked as being 'Propose' when assigned to the Equipment or FL: