BlueWorx allows you see objects that you've added as personal favorites or recently navigated to. This information is exchanged with SAP on sync meaning you can move BlueWorx devices and from mobile to desktop and retain this information. The following items are added as history records:

  • Work Orders
  • Notifications
  • Functional Locations
  • Equipment

The following items can be added as favorites:

  • Functional Locations
  • Equipment
  • Places on a Map (as of SP10)


Access to Favorites and History is from several application screens including menus, My Work screen and all the list screens for the appropriate objects. Access is via this icon which is generally located in the footer bar to right area of the screen:

Favorites Tab

That results in the following screen/ tab being displayed for Favorites, here showing Favorite > Assets sub tab:

And here showing Favorite > Places  the other sub-tab :

Adding and Removing Asset Favorites

Favorites and be added and removed by toggling the following buttons in the lower right footer of assets objects where favorites is enabled.

Field/ ControlExplanation/ Use

Add Item as Favorite:

Where Item is already a Favorite, selecting will remove it from Favorites

Favorites places are similarly maintained from the Maps page and can be deleted from the Places list.

History Tab

This is the History tab. Note that only one entry (the most recent) is displayed per entry and to a maximum number/ time period:

Access to the underlying object occurs on row selection. In some cases the object may no longer be on the device in which case a message is displayed.