Maintain settings related to core GEO. For full GEO settings see GEO - Maintain Map Settings


The following screen fields and controls are defined, where not documented they are considered self explanatory or are explained elsewhere:

Field Settings

FieldDescription/ UsageRecommendation
Latitude and Longitude Characteristics
Latitude Characteristic

Equipment and FL Characteristic used to store latitude valueNote - as of SP7 the direct use of these settings has been superseded through the use of more focused geo-json data going to the device. Other parts of this documentation provide further details this.
Longitude Characteristic

Equipment and FL Characteristic used to store longitude value
Master Data
Inherit Geo DataWith this switched ON Functional Locations and Equipment will inherit the geo location of their parent, grandparent, great-grand parent.... all the way up the chain until a location is found. The inheritance is done at run-time when the BlueWorx geo data is selected.Given the nature of what it does, activating this option slows down the selection of data so should be set to OFF for extra-large data sets with spatial data.
Suspend Change PropagationWhen this in ON, changes to a parent stop updates to children, grandchildren, etc.OFF
Map Settings
Use MapsUse Map functionality in BlueWorx. 
Default Map SettingDetermines when map functionality is available for use.

Options are:
  • Browser Only
  • Browser/ Mobile Wifi
  • Browser/ Mobile Wifi/ Mobile Cellular
Note that these are the default settings, they can be further controlled at the BlueWorx user level and need to take into account things like commercial concerns for the use of cellular services

Disable Sync Order GeoThis switch overrides the Users setting 'Sync Order GEO'. Setting this switch on will prevent all users from being able to sync map tiles and feature layers for their orders during the sync processOFF
Hybrid Map Data Source

Prior to this option that was introduced in SP12, when online, map tiles and map layer information was retrieved from the configured map source - even if it existed in the application database from a previous download. 

With this switched ON BlueWorx will search for local application data and only where this is not found to search online (when online). For offline the existing, search local database, remains unchanged. 

In addition, while panning the map around with this switch active, tiles that are read are automatically saved to the database.

This setting only applies to Base Maps configured as being Offline.
ON is the most efficient and effective but check your rights to store map data offline before using.
Log GPS Location

If switched ON then it will records a BlueWorx users GPS location on selected events (like Sync and Inspections) - subject to:
  • GPS fix is available
  • Allow Location has been enabled by the User on the device for the BlueWorx application,
While this settings provides some very good and relevant usage information we suggest you consider privacy requirements and employee/ contractor relations issues when using this setting.