Maintain settings about Orders in BlueWorx. 

Field Settings

The following field settings are available. Note that some fields are only exposed on selection of related switches.

FieldDescription/ UsageRecommendation
Order Sync
Order User AssignmentIn conjunction with a User assigned profiles this setting controls which Orders are transferred to BlueWorx when syncing with SAP. Options are:
  • 0 - No Filter All WO for the Users Maintenance Plants will come to the device. Not recommended for production
  • 1 - SAP Standard WO header person responsible for user (HR)
  • 2 - SAP Standard WO Header Work Centre to HR assignment to user
  • 3 - SAP Standard WO Operation Work Centre to HR assignment to user
  • 4 - BlueWorx WO Header Work Centre assignment associated to the user in the BlueWorx application - see Maintain Users - Work Centres for details
  • 5 - BlueWorx WO Operation Work Centre assignment associated to the user in the BlueWorx application - see Maintain Users - Work Centres for details
  • 6 - BlueWorx Client specific code which must be written.
  • 7 - SAP Personnel Assigned at Order Operation. Note that this works for User Assignment in the Operation Detail > Internal Tab > Person field and in the Operation Detail > Reqmnts Assignment Tab > Person field

IMPORTANT - In non Hana DB system, if you are using Options 1 or 7, involving Personnel Numbers, then we strongly recommend creating a new index on the SAP standard table AFVC against fields MANDT, PERNR. This will greatly assist in speeding up the Sync process for systems with a large number of Orders. It will also improve SAP standard reports using this criteria.

Remove TECO OrdersOrders with SAP Status of TECO will not go to BlueWorx when set ON.ON
Remove CNF OrdersOrders with SAP status of CNF (confirmed) will not go to BlueWorx when set ON.
Remove BlueWorx CompleteOrders marked as Complete by a User in BlueWorx will not go to BlueWorx on next Sync when set ON.ON
Take Confirmation History OfflineThe confirmation history for Orders will be taken offline on Sync when set ON.

  • This will download all Confirmation History and not just confirmation for the current use
  • As per standard SAP this history will not include CATS entries not yet posted to Orders - as per standard SAP

Order Years BackPrior to SP11 when determining the Orders for the user as the basis for our search, we used a range from 2000-01-01 to 9999-12-31.

This parameter has been created to limit this range to 'x' years back rather than 2000-01-01.
The parameter should be a number of years back that we should search for Order Start dates from (with a default value of 2). 
Order Completion
Allow Incomplete InspectionsControls whether Orders can be complete with incomplete mandatory Inspections:
  • ON Users can Complete such Orders with a warning. 
  • OFF - Users can't complete such Orders
Strong recommendation to set OFF.
Allow Incomplete GEO ActionsControls whether Orders can be complete with incomplete Map Actions Inspections:
  • ON User can complete such Orders
  • Off then can not complete such Orders 

TECHO Order on CompletionControls whether Technical Completion of the Order is set in SAP when the Order is set to a status configured as 'Complete':
  1. ON - TECHO Order on Complete
  2. OFF - Don't TECHO Order on Complete

Notification Complete on TECOIf set ON this will complete the Notification when the Order is set to TECHO.
Cross Application Timesheets (CATS)
Cross App TimesheetControls use of CATS or standard SAP Order Confirmations:
  • ON then CATS entries will be created in SAP
  • OFF then standard WO confirmations will be used
Note: As an organization, you still have to use transaction CAT9 to post from the CATS entry to the PM order. If you are already using CATS then this process should already be in use.

CATS ProfileUsed in conjunction with setting above where CATS is activated.

Sets the CATS profile used for all CATS entries. 

Field Work Order Defaults
Allow Equipment/ Functional Location Field Order CreateDefault setting for all Users, is then controlled at a User Level
Default Header WC from PIDControls the default Work Centre for Orders created:
  • ON - The Order Header Work Centre will be set to the Users PID value (where maintained)
  • OFF - The Order Header Work centre will default from the header reference object (Equipment or FL where o Equipment) 
The SAP User PID values referenced are VAP (Work Centre) and WRK (Plant). Both must be maintained.

Default Operation WC from PIDAs per explanation above, but for the Order Operation Work Centre.

The SAP User PID values referenced are AGR and WRK (Plant). Both must be maintained.

Measurement Documents
Allow non-PRT entries Order assignmentControls whether Measurement Documents not created from Order PRT's can be associated with an Order/ Operation.

Set ON to allow

Multiple creation using PRT
Controls whether multiple Measurement Documents for a PRT Measurement Point can be created for an Order Operation (where technically supported by SAP release and functionality activation).

Set ON to allow.

Prevent Unassigned ConfirmationsControls, for Order Assignment Type: 7 - SAP Personnel Assigned at Order Operation , if users can enter time against Operations that they are not assigned to.
Prevent Unassigned WarningIf the switch above Prevent Unassigned Confirmations if set to OFF, that is users for Assignment Type 7 can enter time for Operations they are not assigned to, then this setting, when ON, prevents a warning message to them when entering time for operations they are not assigned to.