Maintain system settings for BlueWorx Inspections. Documentation on actual Inspection configuration is detailed here Asset Inspections

Of note in this area is the addition of Inspection Authorisation Groups in Support Pack 11 which optionally provides additional control over who can maintain Inspection configuration settings. For comprehensive information on this topic see Inspection Authorisation Groups

Field Settings

The following are the field settings for this sub tab:

Inspection Settings
Max Image size in HTML content

When you create Inspections and Inspection Questions you can, as of SP7, use HTML content including image files. This setting controls the allowed relative size of such images.

Such files should be used sparely as they, like all inspection details, are captured per inspection and if large numbers of images or large image files are used, then this can lead to poor sync performance.
Activate Inspection Authorisation Groups
Enable to turn on the user of Inspection Group AuthorisationsThis switch can only be enabled where Administration Authorisations are active and will be disabled where that switch is disabled.
Background Generation for Orders

Through this configuration, you can set SAP to generate the Inspections. 

Prior to this option being available, inspections could only be matched to work orders from within the running application. It happened on the front end. 

This option is new to SP7 and removes the load on the device for calculating large numbers of inspections for orders with many objects (for example power-pole inspections).  A secondary benefit is that as the order-based inspections are generated without any user input, data becomes available in SAP which could be used to generate reporting on upcoming, or incomplete inspections.

See also: Backgroud generation of inspections

Days before start date and days after the finish dateUsed in conjunction with the above setting. This configuration time bounds the Inspections generated. The generation horizon is the greater of: 
  • the Inspection admin parameter or
  • the user profile Work Order days forward and back. 
This prevents BlueWorx from syncing Orders to the application without their associated Inspection relationships.

Inspection Authorisation Groups
DescriptionA description for the Authorisation Group
Authorisation ObjectSAP Authorisation ObjectGet your SAP user security people to make these and assign to personnel as required  
PlantsSAP PlantsThe SAP Plants that this authorisation group can maintain inspections for
Object TypesSAP Object TypesThe SAP Object Types that this authorisation group can maintain inspections for

Important Notes 

  • Administrators must also run and schedule a new SAP job to populate and update this information. Details are available in this article Master Data and Batch Jobs under Create Job to process Inspection Order Generation
  • You must set up a new Event Linkage (ORDER_CHANGE event) as defined in the Installation Guide under BlueWorx Technical Configuration > Plant Maintenance Configuration > Events > SAP Standard Workflow Events.
  • The only Inspections generated are those with a specified Work Order Type in the Inspection configuration.
  • If there are User Profiles with a longer forward horizon for orders than the admin setting for background generation inspections, then the largest forward horizon from the User Profiles is used. This prevents orders from being synced to the application without their associated inspection relationships.
  • If activated, only fieldwork order inspections, inspections from adding technical objects to the order object list, or those from add operations will be matched by the application.
  • Ad-hoc inspections on Equipment and Functional Locations will continue to be matched by the application, regardless of the setting.