SAP WebGUI Transactions

Maintain settings for the use of SAP Web GUI transactions when used in browser:

Field Settings

The following are the field settings for this tab:

FieldDescription/ UsageRecommendation
SAP Web GUI Transactions
Browser Web GUI Transactions

Use this switch to enable selected Web GUI transactions access from BlueWorx when accessing using a browser (not via BlueWorx mobile app). 

Set ON and the transaction appears as a right hand bottom menu options for:

  • Work Order Detail (IW33)
  • Notification Detail (IW23)
  • Functional Location Detail (IL03)
  • Equipment Detail (IE03)
  • Measurement Point Detail (IK03)

On access it will open a new browser tab for the transaction and display the Web GUI transaction with the 'object' entered into the selection field. 

For this setting to work:

  1. The user must have transactional authorisation 
  2. Access must be enabled in SICF to the SAP Web GUI service (i.e. /sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui). Enablement of this service is a SAP Basis Admin function and should only be done on business evaluation and approval.

WebGUI ICF Node URLOptional Setting
Rather than use the default endpoint for SAP GUI transactions use this endpoint. For example, when your BlueWorx application is being accessed through SAP Gateway, you'd maintain this URL to point to the ICF node in the ECC system.

BlueWorx UI Integration
Inspection Viewer URLIf you choose to include an Inspection subscreen in your Order, Equipment or Functional Location details screen then you must maintain the address for the Viewer here. 

https://<your server>/neptune/soltius/pminspections.html?

Replace with your own server address and the name of the Inspection Viewer app you are exposing to users which, by recommendation, will not be the BlueWorx standard app but rather an extension app.

For more information on this see Inspection List Set Up - Technical and Config