Technical Objects

Maintain settings related to SAP PM Technical Objects for BlueWorx:


The following are the fields settings on this tab:

FieldDescription/ UsageRecommendation
Addn Equipment Field

Maintain this setting to append an additional Equipment field value to the Equipment Number in selected screens or as new column in lists. Use a value that has a physical representation on your assets.

The SAP DDIC field name from the Equipment record as defined in the table: /SOLTIUS/PM_EQUI. Commonly used fields include:


For example you have tags on your assets with a unique id that you've maintained in the SAP Inventory Field.

Note that use of this setting populates the field /SOLTIUS/PM_EQUI-DISP_ID value.

Field LabelThe label name to be used in BlueWorx for the Addn Equipment Field (if used).
Install/ Dismantled Serialised EquipmentUsed in conjunction with the User specific switch to allow individuals to Install and Dismantle Equipment, this switch allows this function against SAP Serialised Equipment. 

Note that when this switch is off, searching SAP for Equipment to install (on device or SAP when online) will exclude Serialised Equipment from the search results.

Bill of Materials (BOMs)

BOMs Active Turn of Bill of Material functionality
Restrict BOM Data

Controls what BOM's will be taken to the device:
  • OFF - for all Functional Locations and Equipment 
  • ON -  Take just those associated with the users Work Orders
We recommend switching ON to conserve device storage and improve sync speed.
Max BOM DepthRetrieve BOM data to a maximum of this many levels for the Material, Equipment, Functional BOM:
  • Minimum value = 1
Functional Location
Retain Leading ZerosControls whether Functional Location labels in the app are displayed without leading zeros:
  • OFF - Remove leading zeros 
  • ON - Show leading 

Offline Technical Object Text

Work Order ObjectsControl whether the long text for Order Objects (FL and Equipment) are taken to BlueWorx mobile application:
  • ON - Take to device
  • OFF - Don't take to device
Note: For browsers the long text is available for all Functional Locations and Equipment as its retrieved on request by the user from SAP.

Work Orders and Notifications
Take all Technical ObjectsWhen ON:
  1. Assigned Work Orders and Notifications will be synced regardless of the existence of their header Functional Location or Equipment from the users active Profiles 
  2. All the Equipment and Functional Locations referenced in the Notifications and Work Orders will be synced
When OFF:
Orders and Notifications will not be synced, where found from the Assignment rules and active Profiles, if their header Functional Location or Equipment is not within a active Profile for the user.
Typically ON, otherwise assigned Orders and Notifications may not be sent to the device where not included in an active profile.
Select from all MaterialsControls which Assembly materials are selectable when creating Notifications and Orders:
Asset Timeline
Enable Asset TimelineWhen ON the ability, when online, to access the timelines for FL and Equipment is enabled
Allow Timeline DownloadSelect default option to:
  • Disable downloads
  • Download Notifications
  • Download Notifications and Orders
Note that at a user configuration level this default setting can be over written - so one group of users can be difference from another.
If you have different requirements per user group then suggest setting the default to the lowest access required and then set higher access per user
Timeline Download DaysThe time period for which to look for timeline activitiesDepends on asset activities
Timeline Maximum Record CountThe maximum number of records to retrieve from SAP, within the Timeline download daysSuggest 50
Linear Asset Management
Linear Asset Management (LAM) ActiveWhen on, and LAM is enabled, LAM data will be stored in BlueWorx SAP tables and taken to BlueWorx on sync.Enable only where LAM is active in SAP and you ant to use LAM functionality in BlueWorx