These are the maps that are displayed, one at a time, on the screen by users. This is the master list of base maps, they are individually allocated to map profiles which are then assigned to BlueWorx users.

Important Information

It is the responsibility of the customers organisation to ensure that have the appropriate usage rights, licenses and applied attribution for any maps and layers they configure. No such rights are explicitly provided nor implied as part of the BlueWorx solution/ commercial product.

As discussed at the BlueWorx User Group 2022 and SP13 Roadmap, the functionality for maps will switch to ESRI control in future releases (commenced in SP13 period with targeted release in SP14). This will mean that the Google Maps functionality will no longer be supported/ available.


The Base Maps list shows the base maps.

Details of the columns are provided in the Base Map Detail section below.


The following are the available functions:

Field/ FunctionDescription/ Usage
Add new Base Map to the List
NavigationNavigate to the Base Map Detail screen by selecting a row.

Base Map Detail 

You maintain the base maps details from this screen:Configuration Fields

The following is a definition of the configuration fields:

FieldDescription/ Usage
Base MapExternally assigned Unique ID for the map
DescriptionDescription for the Map
SortDisplay sort order
Base Map URLThe URL for the map tile source. At this stage this is limited to ESRI Raster map tiles and Google maps. BlueWorx does not currently support the use of Vector tiles
  • ESRI - The address in general will be your own ESRI map service or an agreed base map source
  • Google - The address field refers to the Google Map type rather then a URL. See Google Map Types. The use of Google Maps requires that a Google API key for the organisation is maintained. See configuration of Defaults for more on this.
Base Map TypeThe word ESRI or GOOGLE
Can DownloadSwitch on if you wish for this map type to be downloaded. This is only available for ESRI maps and not for Google Map (technically and under Googles terms and conditions, they can not be downloaded)


The following are the available functions:

FunctionDescription/ Usage
Delete Base Map
Save changes for Base Map

Profile Tab

The Profiles Tab shows which Map Profiles this base map has been added to. It does not provide editing options: