Maintain Groups and Layer Assignments

The Group function is used to build a hierarchy (tree) to support the selection of Layers (configured in the layers tab and sourced from an ESRI ARC GIS System) from within the BlueWorx application. 

Important Information

Layers are assigned to Map Profiles which are assigned to User Profiles which are assigned to Users. If you organize your Map Groups based on a business organisation model, rather than an asset model, and if you have the same Layer assigned to multiple Group nodes, then all those Group nodes will show up for Users. That can be confusing. So either:

  • Organize your Groups based on asset meta data (recommended, cleaner and more stable); or
  • Register the same Layer multiple times, for each assigned Group

This administration functionality was significantly updated in SP11 to make the task easier and more intuitive. 

Fields and Functions

Fields/ FunctionsDescription/ Usage
Group Header
Filter display by Profile. And clear filter
Add a new Layer Group
Save changes
Disregard changes
Group Tree
Group NameThe name of the Group, this can be a multi-level tree structure as shown in the screen shot above. These might mimic the layering used in the spatial system, however given the display space available on mobile devices some rationalization may be necessary
LayerThe assigned layer/s within a Group. Generally these will be assigned to the lowest level of your Group tree
Shows which Spatial Profiles this Layer is included in. Green boarder means the Layers is Active in that profile; Red means it
Edit Group
Delete Group or Layer from Group
[Drag and Drop]Drag and drop Groups and Layers as required to reposition
Layers Header
Search for Layers in list
Layer List
+ [Drag and Drop]Select one or more Layers and then drag and drop them on a Group on the left hand side