Transaction Log

The transaction log in BlueWorx exists to record selected 'transactions' from create/ change and update actions BlueWorx user undertake in the core BlueWorx application. These transactions have been recorded in SAP tables since the early releases of BlueWorx but their processing was improved in BlueWorx Support Pack 10 to include the 'payload' of the transaction and to expose as a Log to Administrators. 

Note that these logs are for display use only. There is no change, reprocess or delete functions available nor required as all errors are returned to the User during the sync process.

Log Tab List

Accessible from the BlueWorx Administration Transaction Logs tile, the logs provide a list of transaction events, limited to the last 5000. 


  1. Users can filter the list using:
    • The Type to Filter option and or;
    • The Sync Type or Status filter
  2. Drill down into the Log Detail
Note that some values may have a blank status. This occurs when the user cancels a sync event or it is otherwise interrupted (for example a loss of connectivity).

Log Detail Dialog

On drilling down from the list users can see the details of the entry:

Analysis Tab Chart and List

The screen allows users to undertake some graphical analysis of the transactions being processed through BlueWorx:


  1. Various filters are available to restrict the chart results
  2. You can zoon in and out within the date range
  3. You can turn off and on the chart legend
  4. Clicking on a bar in the chart will show the values for the value selected in a list below the chart: