This screen is accessible from the Orders page and allows a user to enter time, potentially against multiple Order Operations from one screen. 

Note that this screen does not support time entries made with Linear Asset Data - these must be individually entered. 

Add Time Entry

Access is via the following button from the main Order Screen

Enter Time Screen


  • Depending on where the user has navigated from will depend on the pre-application of search criteria. 

  • The Date of entry is defaulted.

  • Change the search entries and select the Apply button to change the list results. This will over-write the List values
  • Enter filter criteria as required


Maintain the time entry values for you, the appropriate Work Centre, work entry date, if applicable the attendance type, the actual work, the remaining work and the complete flag. 

Duplicate entries

To view and maintain the Entry Details details, including the Confirmation Text. Personnel can not be assigned via this pop-up

Add a new row

Save the entries. Maintained entries will be added to the Outbox for Sync action

Clear all entries


  • There is only one work remaining value for the operation maintained so if you maintained two work remaining entries for the same operation then the last value processed by SAP will apply.
  • Editing of time entries made, and added to the outbox, are one by one using the standard time entry screen