User can select which GIS layers, sourced from ESRI ArcGIS, to display. These layers are configured by BlueWorx administrators. This article details two tabs, the GIS Layers tab where you select which GIS layers to display, and the GIS Displayed tab where assets shown on the map are identified in a list.

Important Information

ESRI ArcGIS is a world leading comprehensive solution for managing spatial data and it includes many optional features. In the same way that BlueWorx does not support all SAP Plant Maintenance options, neither does it support all ESRI ArcGIS options. Rather its focus is on supporting common-use features

GIS Layers Tab

Users can change the information displayed on the Map using the Display button at the bottom left of the Map page. On a Tablet or browser, the Display settings screen takes over the left-hand portion of the screen. Selecting Display toggles this on and off. On a Phone then the Display setting page will take over the whole screen. Use the GIS Layers Tab to select which layers to display on the map according to the configuration and allocation through the users BlueWorx user profile/s.

Usage Notes

  • Have patience - It can take time to retrieve and display the data. This all depends on what features you've selected to show, your GEO server performance, and your device and connection performance.
  • You should only select those layers that are necessary for your job function. Depending on your device and your selections you can overwhelm the processing power of the device in trying the unnecessarily return massive amounts of GEO data from the map service. Generally speaking, desktops will run fastest, followed by later model phones (smaller screen size). Older tablets with low specifications will likely be the slowest.
  • You will only see custom-defined map data relevant to the level that your map is at. This is configured by BlueWorx configuration and optionally by the map service being called. So, for example, there would be no expectation of seeing individual power poles from a 10km up view.

GIS Displayed Tab

On selection of a defined feature layer, the objects within the current map display range will be displayed in the GIS Displayed tab. On selection of an item in the list:

  • Mobile Device - will trigger the popup with retrieved data from the map service for the object. From here you can navigate to the map and it will center on your selected object.
  • Desktop and Tablets - will center the map on your selected object and show a popup with retrieved data from the map service for the object.

Note: The displayed items are restricted to feature layer objects and do not include BlueWorx derived objects.