Concepts and Map Navigation

A summary of map related concepts is as follows:


Your Location

I am here (reportedly). When you access the map it will centre on your location and show this symbol. 

Note : This location will be impacted by your mobile device location settings (if on mobile) your ISP point of access if via a desktop browser.

Object Cluster

This is an object cluster. In can contain Work Orders and Technical Objects. On select the map will zoom down and may split the cluster into smaller blocks of clusters. 

The color of the cluster will change depending on the due status of any Work Orders that it includes:

  • Red - Contains overdue Work Orders
  • Orange - Contains Work Orders inside the start and end dates
  • Green - Contains Work Order not yet within the start date
  • Blue - Contains no Work Orders only technical objects


This symbol denotes a single Feature. This is the default icon, but you can edit the icons for each layer type and, for linear and polygons, the use of lines and shaded areas is now used. Here's some examples:

DefaultRoad Sign - WarningRoad Sign - Location

Manipulating the Map

Change Map Location

You can shift the map location by dragging with your finger (mobile) or mouse (desktop).

Zoom In and Out - All

You can enlarge and decrease the map size using the Plus and Minus on screen buttons.

Zoom In and Out - Touch Screen

If you're using a touch screen device you can enlarge and decrease the map size using the pinch function.

Zoom In and Out - Mouse

In you're using a mouse equipped device you can enlarge and decrease the map size using the mouse wheel.

Zoom to Selection - Mouse Only

To zoom the map to a specific location hold down the shift key while drawing a box using your mouse button. On release the map will zoom to that box.


Selecting the Legend will display the icons as currently selected and displayed.