The ability to see previous Documents for a Measurement Point is available from within the Measurement Point Detail screen and from an Inspection Question response (where so configured). The header of the screen shows the Measurement Point Description and Number and the Technical Object (FL or Equipment) to which it's assigned.

Documents Tab

The Documents tab shows two distinct elements:

Readings Chart

This displays the previous n readings for a measurement point. Note that the chart will not be displayed where the Measurement Point is a Code only Point; only one value will be displayed where exactly the same entry Date/ Time (to the second) is maintained for multiple Documents in SAP - however, both values will be displayed in the table below.

Readings Table

The chart displays the readings for the Measurement Point as table values, allowing access to Code and Text values


If you select one or more chart values then those values will turn green and the selected values will be highlighted in the table below.

Points Tab

The Points tab shows the other Measurement Points for the selected Technical Object (FL or Equipment):


If you select a row then the Measurement Point History for the selected value is retrieved from SAP. In this way you can cycle through all the Measurement Point values for an asset.