Order Tab

The Order tab provides summary information about the Order and access to the Order Header long Text. Unless specifically indicated all fields are read only and can not be edited. 


General Section

The information maintained in the Detail subsection is self explanatory. Object links to the Functional Location, Equipment and Notification records, where maintained, can be followed to access the underlying BlueWorx records for these objects:

Editing Object Fields

Users can edit the Functional Location, Equipment and Assembly fields if has been enabled in their BlueWorx User account by BlueWorx Administrators and, for successful processing, where they have the required permissions in SAP. Where they don't have such permissions they can still edit Orders not yet processed in SAP i.e. the Order begins with a $ sign.

Reference Field

Users may create Orders when offline without fully maintaining them or using another technical object (generally as a Parked Order) and capture some identifying feature in the 'Reference' field. When online and connected to SAP, they can then initiate a search in SAP and the value of the reference field will be populated in the search field:

On change on the Functional Location or Equipment fields, where Inspections that are in Progress or Complete but not processed in SAP, the User is offered the option to update the technical object in the inspection. They are warned to manually update any related Notifications and any Measurement Point related questions are reset to status of Paused from Complete to ensure that any Warning/ Errors or related Values Codes are reassessed. All 'previous' values for Questions are also updated to the new technical object values.


If an Order is Parked and these objects are changed then the User will be given the option to reassign any Inspections they may have made against the previous objects to the newly assigned object. Should they choose to do this the Inspections/s will be set to a status of In Progress, forcing them to re-review any previously Completed inspections.

Linear Data

The information maintained in this section is shown where the primary asset (FL or Equipment) for the Order is set up in SAP as a linear asset and linear asset is switched on in BlueWorx administration:

The start and End Points and Offset 1 and 2 sub-sections are adopted from the primary object and can be edited. 

This functionality was introduced in Support Pack 11. For more information on linear assets in BlueWorx see: Linear Asset Management

Partners Section

The information maintained in this section is self explanatory, there are no editable fields:

Clicking on the links, where propeller maintained will open Google Drive maps to the partners address or initiate a mobile call from phones.

Administration Section

The information maintained in this section is self explanatory, there are no editable fields:

Text Section

The text section allow you to view and add to Order Header long text. You can not edit entries already saved in SAP. This section is located at the bottom of the page. Initiate editing using this button:

The following dialog will appear:

Once in the long text editor you can add templated text as configured in BlueWorx Admin:

For more information on feature see Maintain Core Settings - Standard Text Tab

To Clear the text for your current entry:

To add a GPS Lat/ Long reference to the text use this button on GPS enabled devices: