General Tab

The Notification General tab provides summary information about the Notification and access to the Notification Header long Text. 


The majority of the fields are editable. Much of the information maintained in the Detail subsection is self explanatory. The following describes some functions is greater detail

Functional Location and Equipment

Object links to the Functional Location, Equipment and Order records, where maintained, can be followed to access the underlying BlueWorx records for these objects.

Select Functional Location or Equipment

You can select the Notification Functional Location or Equipment from a list of assets on the device or from SAP or a map when online. The following screen shows selection from online, note that in this case the Equipment displayed is from within the Functional Location maintained for the Notification

You can also look-up the FL or Equipment from SAP using a search on Object Type and Description:

Or via an SAP ID and value:

Note that the search fields can be populated using bar or QR codes when used on a mobile device.

Assigned Order

You can assign a Notification to an existing Order on the device or create a New Order:


You can select an associated assembly from the list of available materials or, if a BOM is maintained for the Technical Object, from the BOM.

BOM Selection:

Note that the administrators can control whether only the Assembly materials are shown or all materials on device are shown via the Assembly Switch in the Technical Objects section of Maintain Core Settings - Settings Tab

Linear Data Section

The information maintained in this section is shown where the primary asset (FL or Equipment) for the Notification is set up in SAP as a linear asset and linear asset is switched on in BlueWorx administration:

The start and End Points and Offset 1 and 2 sub-sections are adopted from the primary object and can be edited.

This functionality was introduced in Support Pack 11. For more information on linear assets in BlueWorx see: Linear Asset Management  

Items Section

This section allows use to maintain Items and Causes. The sections visibility is controlled by configuration, as is the mandatory record and field requirements. This functionality is new to SP7.


Previous/ Next

The move previous and next record buttons can be used to scroll between Items and Causes (where maintained):


The detail button allows you to view and maintain the selected Item/ Cause and associated information:


To create a new Item or Cause select the following button:

Administration Section

The information maintained in this section is self explanatory:

Text Section

The text section allow you to view and add to Notification long text. You can not edit entries already saved in SAP. This section is located at the bottom of the page.


Initiate editing using this button:

The following screen will then be displayed for editing of new text:

Once in the long text editor you can add templated text as configured in BlueWorx Admin:

For more information on feature see Maintain Core Settings - Standard Text Tab

To Clear the text for your current entry:

To add a GPS Lat/ Long reference to the text use this button on GPS enabled devices: