When users are online, they can view the history for a specific Equipment or Functional Location. It shows recent Orders, Notifications, Inspections, and Measurement Readings. 

Business and SAP Context

Allowing users to view and potentially download information regarding assets is a crucial component for delivering smart asset management. It means that personnel can see recurring issues with their assets, what repairs have historically been undertaken, what condition the asset was in on inspections and measurement readings to help indicate asset performance/ fault trends.

Important Information

  • This functionality is available from Support Pack 11. 
  • Order and Notifications downloaded will remain until either they are completed or the next full sync.



This functionality is available when online (i.e. connection to SAP exists) from the Timeline button on the lower left of the Functional Location or Equipment detail screens:

Asset Timeline

A pop-up shows the last 20 entries for the following object types and on selection performs the > action:

  • Orders > Download Order to BlueWorx
  • Notifications > Download Notification to BlueWorx
  • Measurement Documents > Open the Measurement Point Viewer Application
  • Inspections > Open the Inspection History Application

Search Function

Users can search the list using the Search Bar:

Order Function

Users can sort the list by object type- ascending/descending:

Filter Functions

Users can filter the list by Object Types:

Users can filter the list by Time Range: