BlueWorx Installation Content

The BlueWorx installation into your SAP ERP system is primarily delivered by SAP Transports, after the installation of Neptune Software. 

BlueWorx in Neptune Namespace

All the BlueWorx applications content and API's exist within the Neptune Software /NEPTUNE/ namespace in SAP. That is a SAP registered namespace meaning that only Neptune Software can alter it's standard content - customers and partners can modify it via repair.

BlueWorx SAP Namespace

BlueWorx supporting DDIC, Classes, Programs and Functions are installed into the /SOLTIUS/ namespace within your SAP system. That namespace is a SAP registered namespace meaning that only Accenture can alter it's standard content - customers and partners can modify it via repair.

Changes to SAP Programs, DDIC and Data

Apart from the afore mentioned User Exits and some optional SAP GUI screen extensions (which are manually applied) there are no changes made to SAP ABAP code nor DDIC objects (i.e. no repairs). 

All SAP transactional postings initiated by BlueWorx users are made using the prescribed SAP BAPI/ RFC/ Function Modules - the two exceptions at the last update to this content is being: 

  • The single use of a SAP GUI BDC where multi-split assignments are required for Crew Work Order Operations - SAP doesn't deliver suitable BAPI or RFC routines for this functionality
  • A single instance of setting a long text change indicator in the SAP table for Work Order long text - at the direction of the SAP Note see:

All BlueWorx configuration settings, master data and cloned SAP master data, and BlueWorx 'transactional' data resides in the /SOLTIUS/ namespace tables. A report of these and their data sizes is available from the BlueWorx Administration application - see Settings Tab - Sizing for further information.

SAP Authorisation Objects

Customers can optionally create SAP 'Z' Authorisation Objects to control the use of BlueWorx and specific functions within the BlueWorx Administration application. In some cases transports are provided for specific objects for optional use.

SAP Configuration, User Exits and Change Events

As part of the installation process some manual technical changes like enabling User Exits. See BlueWorx Technical Configuration for further information.