Export and Import User Profiles

To move profiles between instances, or maintain them manually in XLS, you can export and import them as csv files using the Download and Upload Tabs.
Download Tab

Download Profiles will download .csv files for the following configuration areas:

  • User Profile Headers 
  • User Profile Filters
  • User Profile Roles 
  • Material Profile Headers 
  • Material Profile Filters
  • Material Profile Filters for Online Search

Upload TabEach of the buttons in this tab corresponds to an area of configuration for which you can upload settings. When you click on any of these buttons you will be prompted with a file explorer where can you choose a file matching the file format of the area you are attempting to upload.

The file format for each area can be best achieved through first downloading the area you wish to customise, then making the changes in the downloaded file. Failing that, you can use the downloaded files structure to base your customised file on.

Upload Procedure

Once you have your customised file's in the correct format, you can start to upload them. If you are doing this into an empty system/ a system without existing configuration, there is a procedure that should be followed in order to avoid error's in linking the different configuration areas to each other.

Profile Uploads

  1. Upload the Profile Header - By doing this first, you ensure any customizations to the profile are associated correctly and do not cause upload errors.
  2. Upload the Profile Filters - Now that you have a header, it is required that you maintain the Profile Filters for all profiles.
  3. Upload the Profile Roles - These are associated to a Profile Header as well, but may not be necessary depending on how you configure your profiles.

Material Profile Uploads

  1. Upload the Material Profile Header - The Header is required before uploading any other configuration settings linked to the Material Profile
  2. Upload the Material Profile Filter - The Filters must be maintained for Material Profiles.
  3. Upload the Online Material Profile Filters - When you are using Online Material Search, you should maintain these filters.

Important Notes

When you upload User Profile Filters or Material Profile Filters you will not be replacing existing filters, but instead it will be creating a new entry. This is true for all Filter Values except those marked as Single Entry. Filters marked as Single Entry will replace existing filters of their type in order to ensure no errors are induced by the upload. You should take care to only include a single instance of Single Entry filters in your customized files.

See: Maintain User Profiles for a list of all Single Entry filters.