This section defines the function and use of Configure Profiles in BlueWorx. 

Business and SAP Context

Configuration Profiles in BlueWorx allows administrators to create variations of configuration settings to allow different groups of users to use BlueWorx in different ways. Configuration profiles were introduced in Support Pack 12, prior to that there being just one set of configuration parameters for all users. Here are some fundamental points on this topic:

  • On upgrade to Support Pack 12 the existing singular configuration values will be associated with an automatically created Default profile and this will be marked as the Default Profile.
  • The Default profile will be applied to all users, unless in their BlueWorx User Settings they have a different profile maintained.
  • Some configuration profiles are global and apply to all profiles as opposed to be specific that the profile being maintained. Additional care must be taken when making changes to Global Parameters which are highlighted to the administrator through the section headers - here is an example of the message:

Important Information

Where BlueWorx Crew functionality is used, the Crew Manager and all of their assigned personnel (crew) must use the same Configuration Profile OR they must be assigned profiles with the same Order Assignment Type. Otherwise the Crew Manager might assign work to individuals (say at an Order Header level) whose assignment type differs (say at the Operational level).


The following is an illustration of this page/ tab:

The following screen fields and controls are defined, where not documented they are considered self explanatory or are explained elsewhere:

FieldDescription/ UsageRecommendation
Copy CurrentCopy current profile - i.e. the profile identified as the 'Select' button and and in the header. 
DefaultMark Profile as Default (applied to all users who do not have a profile explicitly maintained).

Tick buttonSelect the Profile to display/ maintain
NameName of Profile.
DescriptionDescription of Profile
Delete iconDelete the Profile - after ensuring it's not in use by any Users