This pages explains the purpose and use of the Crew Tab in the My Work page.

Business and SAP Context

Being able to readily contact your Crew, understand where they are and what they have been working on is crucial information for personnel supervision.

Important Information

  • The Crew Tab is only shown where Crew is licensed for use and the user is a Crew Supervisor for one or more Work Centers
  • This tab has been relocated, with some improvements, as of Support Page 12 from a separate Crew Area to provide a single and consistent user experience

Crew Tab

The following is an illustration of this screen: 

The following screen fields and controls are defined, where not documented they are considered self explanatory or are explained elsewhere:

Field/ ControlExplanation/ Use
Tool Bar
FilterSearch the list of crew members.
Sort buttonSort the list of crew members.
Capacity Plan buttonShow the Capacity Plan for the Work Centers - see Capacity Plan below.
Gantt buttonDisplay Gantt chart (on on browser) - see Gantt Tab for more information.
CrewName of Crew.
Last SyncLast Sync time.
See latest BlueWorx Order Status updates by the crew member.
See location of crew members as at their last BlueWorx Sync.
Switch to Gantt view and apply filter for crew member (desktop only).
Initiate a phone call (if on phone device).
Change the active profiles for your crew member. Functionality released SP6.
Initiate a text message (if on a phone device).

Personnel Shown

The list is therefore influenced by the Assignment Type being used in BlueWorx. Here's a summary of what will be shown for the various assignment types:

Assignment SettingCrew Shown
0 - No Filter All WO for the Users Maintenance Plants will come to the device. Not recommended for production
1 - SAP Standard WO Header person responsible for user (HR)
2 - SAP Standard WO Header Work Centre to HR assignment to user
3 - SAP Standard WO Operation Work Centre to HR assignment to user
7 - SAP Personnel Assigned at Order Operation. This can be single or multiple assignments
All SAP personnel assigned to an HR Work Centre assigned to a PM Work Centre for which the Crew Manager is responsible.
4 - BlueWorx WO Header Work Centre assignment associated to the user in the BlueWorx application
5 - BlueWorx WO Operation Work Centre assignment associated to the user in the BlueWorx application
All BlueWorx personnel assigned to the Work Center in BlueWorx.
6 - BlueWorx Client specific code

None - like the BlueWorx assignment option this requires BlueWorx Crew Manager customer code to be written.

Capacity Plan

This shows capacity information retrieved for the Supervisors Work Centres, as reported by SAP:

When online the User can refresh the data from SAP.