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Reading about BlueWorx is one thing, seeing it is something else! Please take a look at our BlueWorx channel and see for yourself how BlueWorx can work for you! Please see: BlueWorx YouTube channel or access playlists directly from below.

Quick Demo Series YouTube Playlist

These demos provide a great starter to BlueWorx to give you a quick summary of selected key areas: BlueWorx Quick Demos

Insight Series YouTube PlayList

These videos provide more detailed explanations on selected topics: BlueWorx Insight Series

Technical Series Playlist

These videos deal with some of the technical aspects of BlueWorx: BlueWorx Technical Series

Release Information

As well as providing detailed information on releases, in recent releases we've also created some highlight videos: BlueWorx Release Information

Try it Yourself

Want to see BlueWorx on your mobile device? Details on the demonstration application is available here: BlueWorx Demo Application