Crew Manager Sync

The information relevant to the Crew Application has a separate Sync steps which occur automatically in, and in addition to, the standard BlueWorx Sync steps. This includes Work Center calculated capacities, all the Work Orders assigned to the Work Centres they manage and all the personnel assigned to those Work Centres.

Online Save Updates

When the Crew Manager adjusts the Work Order assignments, and they have connectivity with SAP, then the changes they made will be immediately processed in SAP. If they are offline then the changes will be stored in the BlueWorx Outbox. The changes stored in the outbox will be processed in SAP on either the next BlueWorx sync.

IMPORTANT: There are technical and performance limits when taking large amounts of data offline. This is discussed further in the article Performance and Data Limits.

Error Reporting

SAP transactional errors that occur when processing online Order changes are be reported to the Crew Manager directly. Errors that occur during a sync after an offline period are reported in the BlueWorx Outbox.