Work Tab

The Work Tab shows a list of the Orders assigned to the Work Centers that the Crew Manager is assigned to. 

Filtering and Sorting

The list can be filtered using partial text search and sorted by Order or Work Centre in Ascending or Descending order.

View and Edit Order

To view detailed about the Work Order and edit assignments, click on a line. This will take you to the Order Edit Screen 

Important: BlueWorx Users see those Work Orders that their BlueWorx profile allows them to see. So it is possible for a Crew Manager to assign work, in BlueWorx Crew Manager, to users who will not be able to access those orders through BlueWorx. This is by design to ensure consistency with standard SAP functionality.

Crew Column and List

The crew column graphically shows whether their are any personnel assigned to a Work Order and on selection, where assigned, display a list of the personnel:

Personnel assigned. On selection see:

No personnel assigned

Status Column

Available only when online, the status column shows the most recent BlueWorx Order Status details for a Work Order and its Operations per BlueWorx user. In this way you can see the individual progress of your crew in completing a task. For more information on status' see Order and Order Operations Status in the topic Work Orders